Special Post: If You Love Someone...

A friend of mine went to the grocery store. She saw an old man pick up a head of lettuce, then start crying.

She approached him. "Are you okay?"

He told her his wife of 60 years had just died, and she had always done all the grocery shopping.

My friend shopped with him that day, and I know that helped, but I just want to cry when I think of him. His story reminded me that life is fleeting, and passes so quickly, and sometimes we forget that. We trade our treasures for the distraction of shiny cheap trinkets.

So this weekend, if you love someone, let them know. Say it, show it.Ignore the phone, the computer, the TV for awhile and give them the gift of yourself. Your focused attention.

You'll have plenty of time to watch TV one day when they are gone.


  1. Been challenged by this thought that of all God's creation, we are the only one's with so much skin - no feathers, scales or fur - SKIN!. We are created to touch and be touched. To love with skin. Thank you for your post.

  2. What a beautiful thought. Thank you!

  3. This is a very powerful and challenging message. Thank you, Kim!


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