Why I'm An Abolitionist

The first time someone called me an abolitionist, I squirmed a little. That was a big word. A term for people like William Wilberforce or the others who gave their whole lives to delivering people from bondage. Not people like me. I just care, and am doing a tiny bit in the big fight.

Hmm. I care, and am doing a tiny bit.

If I were talking with you about fighting human trafficking, I would say that if you care, and you are doing something, then you are part of the fight. It doesn't have to do everything--nobody can do everything. If you're praying, raising awareness, having a jewelry party (see Fighting HT with Jewelry, Parties and a New Book), giving money, buying fair trade, putting S.O.A.Ps in hotels (see 7000 bars of soap to fight Human Trafficking ) or keeping the hotline number on hand in case you see something (1-888-373-7888), you are part of the global fight against slavery. You are an abolitionist.

I guess that makes me one, too.

My part? I pray, I speak at schools, churches, libraries, etc. on human trafficking--not just the problem but how people can be part of the solution. I funnel information through my Facebook page on what is happening and how people can get involved. With my health problems, I can't physically do as much as I'd like, but I got to tell others about the S.O.A.P. opportunity in Charlotte and several people went. Whatever resulted from that day, I was part of it. I have three Amazon bestselling books out that take those big overwhelming numbers (20 million slaves in the world today) and bring them down to one girl's story, reminding us all that making a difference isn't just about changing the big numbers; it's about rescuing people. One at a time.

I think my biggest addition to the fight is that I care about not just rescuing people from something bad, but to something good. That's the big point of the first book in the series. For so many, rescue is not enough; they end up right back in that life, even more hopeless than before. There were no other jobs for them, they thought that was all they were good for, the person who sold them the first time sold them again, etc.. For me, the most important aspect of delivering the captives is giving them the ultimate freedom and lasting hope of Jesus Christ--who loves them unconditionally and wants them to live with worth and joy.

And captivity isn't just those who are obviously trafficked. It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused as a child (1 in 6 boys) and that is a prime training ground for future exploitation. I met a woman who had been raped at age 15 by a 30-year-old man and when she got pregnant, her father forced her to marry him, not believing her story. She spent years going to church on Sunday morning and then going home to a husband who abused her. A woman now working in a strip club used to teach Sunday School, before everything got really bad.

I want to stop human trafficking before it starts. To teach young girls and boys their worth, so that they do not seek it in dangerous places. To teach women and men that what has happened to them does not define them, so they can be free of their past and have hope for the future.

Jesus came to set the captives free. Those of us who are abolitionists are part of that. 

Why am I an abolitionist? Because no one should wake up afraid. Because no one should live without hope or love. Because I have so many freedoms and others have none. Because Jesus said to love my neighbor as myself, and that it is more blessed to give than receive.

Most of all, because every hurting child, every broken woman, every enslaved man is loved with an everlasting love by God Himself. And if I love God, I must love them too. They are part of who He is.

Why do you fight? Tell us your tiny bit. If you're part of an organization, feel free to add links and websites so others can find you and get involved!

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:9

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  1. Kimberly, I guess I am an abolitionist. Our ministry, Pearls of Promise ( is donating ten percent of all proceeds from book sales to an organization called "DisruptHT." This organization trains the police officers who go in and free the girls who are being held captive in the sex trafficking business. We have a devotional coming out in April, The Pearls of Promise Devotional. I encourage everyone to purchase the book so we can fight this injustice together.

  2. Thanks for posting this here, Lisa. I noticed on your website that you speak. You may want to look into the LighttheDark Campaign for 2013. They are signing up speakers from all over the world for a big campaign in October. Their site is
    Best wishes to you and for your new book!

  3. I'm an abolitionist because I know captivity. From the age of 16, I've been subjected to the abuse of a man. Now, on the other side, I hurt for those women, men, children, who think there isn't another side. I know their pain, and I know a God of Justice that loves them and wants to see them through. This is why I'm here on earth... picking at it a bit at a time.

    1. Karen, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Sometimes I wish there was somewhere we could all go to get away from the evil in this world, but there is no place free from evil here. I'm looking forward to heaven where there is no more crying and no more captivity. God bless what you are doing--taking something horrible and using it for good. You are a pearl!

  4. Hey!
    So nice to meet you through Diana F.!

    Human Trafficking is a topic which has been carving out some serious space in my mind. Off to check out some of the ideas in this post. I have a fight human trafficking Pinterest Board that I'm always looking to add good stuff to!

    1. Hi Amy! I was planning to contact you soon--so glad you popped over here and beat me to it. Diane said you're with Hartline too. Do you work with them or have a book with them? Is fighting trafficking something new to you or have you been focused on that for awhile? Thank you for caring for the helpless and oppressed!
      Do you have a website? I'd love to check out what you're doing.
      Grace and Peace!

  5. Kimberly, Thank you for what you have done and continue to do for women. I want to invite your readers to participate in the battle. Visit our website:

    There is a wealth of information and radio messages (by topic) you can share with others. Currently this message of love and HOPE goes out in over 60 languages. The heartbeat of our ministry is prayer. Women all over the world have picked up the call to pray for other women in need.

    This is a battle against a huge evil inflicted on little girls, teens and women - and one that demands our attention.

    1. What a wonderful ministry! Sixty languages--wow, just imagine how many women are getting hope despite oppression and evil. I know from living in closed countries that so many women and girls are confined and would never hear a message of hope, but now they can through your radio program. God bless what you do! Isn't it exciting to think of your message going "out there" somewhere, and someday in heaven you'll get to meet all kinds of people you touched.

  6. Hi,

    I thank God for you and others that are doing what you can to bring attention to Human Trafficking. I was led to this cause first through a call on my life to reach out to people on the streets in Seattle. I started to get to know homeless people, and then God gave me a love for them. At this time I also started to learn more about human trafficking. I saw the movie "Amazing Grace" and God put an idea in my mind to create a modern day "Am I Not A Man and A Brother" anti-slavery medallion. After talking to lots of people in anti-human trafficking organizations I created an “Am I Not A Daughter and A Sister” human trafficking “modern day slavery” medallion.

    My hope is that the medallions can be used to bring awareness to human trafficking and compassion for the child sex trafficking victims. I would like the medallions to be used to raise funds to rescue victims and provide shelter and services to protect and restore the lives of these children.

    I am currently saving money to order another 100 medallions. After I have these made they will be available on my website:

    God bless you,
    Ken King


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