7,000 bars of soap to fight Human Trafficking at the DNC!

I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it!
This past Sunday, a new group decided to do the S.O.A.P. ministry down in Charlotte in preparation for the upcoming Democratic National Convention. In case you didn't know, anytime there is a large event with lots of people coming from out of town, human trafficking numbers rise. For example, up to 10,000 girls are brought in for the Super Bowl each year (the S.O.A.P. ministry saw girls rescued this past Super Bowl weekend!).
Here's how it works. Volunteers wrap bars of soap with information including the human trafficking hotline. They then go to area motels or gas station bathrooms and place the soaps there--the one place a trafficked girl gets to go alone. When the girl sees the information, she can quickly memorize the number and call next time she can get to a phone. As I studied this, I came across a comment from one former trafficked victim. She said had she ever seen this she would have called, "just to have someone to talk to." The S.O.A.P. ministry (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution), started by an American trafficked victim, is a great way to rescue victims--you may want to do it in your local area! 

Here's the link: S.O.A.P.'s website
I didn't have the health to go down to Charlotte and be part of it myself, but as I spoke in different places, I told people about the event and passed the word. Some of those I told went to the event. I love how  you can be part of something just by raising awareness and passing the word!
Just today I got an e-mail from one of the ladies who went and had to share it with you:
Hey Kimberly! 
Hope you are having a good day today!  I didn't know if you had heard from anyone about the outreach Sunday in Charlotte so I thought I would update you.  They had a great crowd show up - more than they were expecting I think.  I met one of the ladies from the Kannapolis church and she joined our group to go out into the hotels.  We labeled 7,000 bars of soap which was a quick process with about 10 tables working on the labeling.  Project Justice did a great job for this being their first big outreach since they have been in Charlotte.  The majority of motels/hotels in Charlotte had already been contacted before we went out Sunday about the soap so they were ready for us!  Our group went to a Comfort Inn/Suites, Royal Inn, Knights Inn and American Family Inn and found them all very receptive to taking the soap.  One hotel even asked for enough soap to put out each night during the convention.  We took enough soap for each hotel to place in the rooms for 2 nights.  We also took a missing persons report that had about 8 to 10 girls on the page and they were all familiar with the report and some already had it posted and watching for the girls.  3 of the hotels we went to were run/owned ? by the Patel family which looked to be from India.  It crossed my mind that if they had lived in India they were fully aware of the trauma human trafficking caused and were thankful to be able to do something about it here.  Maybe not - but just a thought.  Needless to say God had prepared the workers in these hotels before we went and from what we gathered it was like that with most of the groups.  Just God!  Take care and I am praying for you!

Amazing! I am so excited at the potential. Before this happened, a motel owner was recorded stating that yes, they knew trafficking was a problem, but they didn't know what to do about it. Now they do! So now instead of care with action, people are equipped and ready to changes lives forever.

Please pray that God will do great things over the DNC, and set the captives free!


  1. that sounded really exciting. I would have loved to have been a part of it since I live in Charlotte.I love your blog. Visiting from Angela's link up.


  2. Hi, Carmen! Thanks for popping over!! There are so many great things going on in Charlotte. If you look up NC Stop Human Trafficking, you can sign up to get updates on anti-trafficking events (a lot of them are in Charlotte since Charlotte is the #1 spot in NC). The group that did this SOAP ministry wants to start doing it at the big NASCAR events there, too. So exciting!
    Merry Christmas!


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