Two Very Common Ways Teen Girls Get Trafficked

She's young and looking for someone to give her value and worth through what she calls love. He finds her on the internet...

She needs a job, and a friend takes her hand and says she'll provide...

The video below is Chinese, showing that this problem is not just in our country but worldwide. It is worth watching. In it you hear the stories from girls, what they are thinking along the process of getting trapped.

On the site, the creators posted, "This DVD will be shown in middle and high schools all over China. We have also posted it on many Chinese websites, please pray this video will be a big hit and many young women will be warned about the dangers of traffickers."

I wish we had something like this showing in American schools! The average age for a girls in the US to get trafficked is 12-14, when they are young enough to often not know the dangers. A video like this makes them aware enough so that, if confronted with such situations, they will know to think twice before assuming what's presented to them is good.

Once a girl is trafficked, her life span lowers to an average of only 5 years. Better than rescuing them after they are trafficked is rescuing them before they are trafficked. Videos like this help do that. Feel free to pass it along!

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