Chronic Illness-My Part-Time Job

I'd planned to write a post on how having a chronic illness is my part-time job. Like a typical part-time job, I spend a few hours to sometimes over twenty hours a week on my illness--the schedule of pills and food, the limitations I have to plan ahead for, the old conditions and new symptoms, doctor's visits and a notebook of my multiple conditions and things that happen and what they mean, and side effects and changes and questions to figure out, and when I have a flare up or just catch a cold and the domino effect it has other everything else, and...and...and...

But I was feeling lousy and just wasn't up to it.

I guess I just made my point.


  1. Bless you Kimberly!! I so get this... hence the current state of the house and the lack of organisation anywhere other than my head (and even there it might be slipping). Praying that today is a better one. Lizzy xx

    1. Thanks, Lizzy! I you're organized in your head, even sporadically, that's impressive. =) Today is better, thank you. Hope it's a great day for you!


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