Writing Wednesdays: 21 Ways to Market Your Book on Amazon

I'm a pretty lousy salesperson. I don't like pushing something on someone who may not want whatever I have to sell.

However, I do love passing the word about something good or helpful I've found to people I think would really benefit from it. And I'm learning, from all this research on marketing, that passing the word sells things better than me trying to be a salesperson. Go figure.

Today I'm passing the word on a Kindle book titled:

Marketing Your Book on Amazon:

21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free
to Gain More Exposure and Sales

Link to Author's Blog
If you don't have a Kindle, never fear--you can download it straight to your computer. You need to have it on a computer for a reason which I'll get to later.

If you find general information about social media marketing overwhelming, or you're just getting started and you need to know where to start first, I believe this book will really help you. It focuses only on Amazon and how to increase your visibility and sales through that avenue. 

This isn't just about getting on the Amazon Bestseller list. Even though my books are Amazon Bestsellers already, I still learned a lot of great new tips of how to use Amazon to get more people finding and buying my book. In fact, I went to a writer's conference that taught me some of these tips, but I learned more from this book than I did from the conference!

I especially like how, by reading the Kindle version on my computer, I was able to follow her instructions immediately by opening new windows and going step-by-step through the process she presented.

Well, there you have it. I was able to click links actually in the book that took me directly to what she was talking about, so I could follow her instructions right then (while they still made sense!), then move on to the next instruction.

This is a definitely helpful resource if you have a book for sale on Amazon but don't know how to utilize things like the Amazon Author Page, Author Central, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Here's the link below so you can check out this resource right away!

Marketing Your Book on Amazon

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