Special Post: For Parents Who Adopt...a Little Gift From Me

For anyone who has adopted a child...

Because it is sometimes hard to put your heart into words, I've written this piece below for you. You can put it on a card or print it to hang on a wall. Feel free to edit, shorten, or add to it; it is not copyrighted.

I admire you so much. To open your homes and your lives and bring a child in, by choice, is a beautiful, lifelong picture of the love of Jesus Christ. I hope this will help you share with your child just how valued they are.


Right now you know no difference
Between the ones who gave you birth and
We who have chosen you for our own.
But someday, it will matter.
You will want to know where you came from.
We understand, and we will help you find the answers
You will seek.
But we want you to know,
That we, the ones who have asked for you,
Chose to be your parents.
We chose you to be our child.
And to us that matters more than who bore you physically.
You are part of our family,
A piece that had been missing.
No matter what you do or who you become
You are ours
By choice.
We love you.  We waited and hoped for your
For a long time before you came to us.
You will always be ours.
We want you to know that you are fully loved
Fully wanted, fully hoped for.
You will always be loved and accepted
By us, by the ones who chose you.

Welcome to our family.
Welcome to your family,
Our dear child.


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