Medical Mondays: I Just Can't Keep Up

I am so tired. Not the kind of tired that a nap will fix, or even a good night's sleep. The tired that goes deep into my body and my heart, the tired of struggling for weeks and months and years of not being able to keep up.

This past week we've been back at our old stompin' grounds in Ohio. In general, I think I've created an environment for myself that isn't too taxing, but when you've only got about 10 days in a special place and lots and lots of special people you want to get together with, not to mention a couple of book events and of course church, and especially the wedding we came for...well, let's just say that there's no way for it not to be too much.

At the wedding with my wonderful family!

For a healthy person, our schedule would have been generally tiring, but in a good, fun kind of way. For me, I tried to rest between get-togethers, but if I can normally do 2-3 extra activities a week, and this week was about 8-10, basic math concludes that by this point I'd be feeling pretty wiped out.

But yesterday at church, a verse was mentioned that really encouraged me. The pastor was talking about the judgement day--when we face the Lord and when, those of use who are believers, get judged (and rewarded or not) for our works here in this life.

I thought about the fact that, if I had been granted a shorter life span, I would be judged according to the life God had given me. Not according to a longer or "normal" life. God would not expect me to do 70 years worth of works in 20 years.

In the same way, I will be judged according to what I have done with the physical resources God has given me in this life. That means I will not be held up against the standard of what a person in a healthy body could do. I will be judged according to the ability God gave me for this life.

What a relief. I know I can't keep up with healthy people. This past week was a major reminder of that fact. However, if God Himself only expects me to do what my body can do, why should I expect more?

So for all of you who are as tired as I am, tired of being sick, tired of being tired, be encouraged. Today, God only expects you to do what He has given you the ability and resources to do. He does not expect you to do what healthy people can do, so stop expecting it of yourself.

And having said thus, since it is possible for us to have a good day, one pleasing to the Lord, despite our limitations and inabilities...I hope you have a good day.

 I plan to.


  1. Hi, it was fun to see pictures on fb about your book signing and the wedding. May you have chances to recuperate and rest today, friend. :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! We're still traveling, but on our way home. I have to say I'm looking forward to getting back to my own home and my own bed! =)
    The book signing was fun!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Bless you for these encouraging words, Kimberly. You're a true inspiration.

  4. Thanks, Gary, though I definitely don't feel like an inspiration--but my God is! I appreciate your kind words. Have a great day!


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