So what do cow brains REALLY taste like?

In case you were wondering, from the trip-to-the-market post (deleted chapter from Book 2), the market was based on a real market I used to take visitors to in Bangladesh, and yes, it did have goat heads in a line for sale.  I thought about posting the picture I had of that delightful scene, but decided to spare you!  =)  Also true is the water buffalo walking down the road to market, the statistic about Bangladesh having 150 million people, and the cow-brains eating experience (and they really do taste like Play-dough).  Uuck.

Tomorrow I'm posting a sneak peak at Book 2, Stolen Child (which is due for release this Christmas!).  This chapter is based on a real arranged marriage ceremony I attended during my first weeks in Bangladesh, and it, too, was considered a love match because the couple had spoken 3 times.  I remember sitting there wide-eyed, wondering what it would be like to marry someone I did not know (I was single at the time and marriage in itself was scary to me--this was beyond comprehension!).

So join me tomorrow (or rather Asha and Mark) and experience a wedding like you've never seen before!

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  1. P.S. Cow brains taste like Play-dough (however you spell that). Awful!!! I could only manage one bite. =)


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